What do I get when I place an order?

We will send you concept ideas based on the package you order. For
example, if you order the Gold package, then we will send you six
different concept ideas for you to choose from as a starting point to a
final logo design.

What is a concept idea?

A concept is an initial preliminary design of your logo in a digitized
format. When you place an order, based on any information we get from
you and add that to our brainstorming session, we will usually come out
with some sketched ideas for your logo. We take the best sketches and
digitize them(these are the concept ideas) to you for review. Concepts
are nothing more than initial ideas of what your final logo can look
like. Obviously, the Gold package is the best option if you want more
ideas on what your logo can look like.

Once I receive the concepts, is that it?

No. Once you receive your concepts, then it is up to you to review them
and get back to us with your likes/dislikes and any recommendations or
revisions. Most often we find that the concepts help in the ideation
process to hone in on your final logo. You may like elements from a
couple of the concepts which we can then combine based on your revisions.

Once I send my revisions on the concept, then what?

Once we get your initial feedback on the concepts, we make those
revisions and send them back to you. This is typically where we have a
better idea in what suits your need in a final logo and we tweak the
logo concepts until we get it down to the one you are satisfied with.

How many times can I send revisions?

The number of revisions you will be able to make is based completely on
the package you choose.

What if I don’t like the initial concepts?

We take a lot of pride in knowing sports and knowing design but that
doesn’t mean we always hit the nail on the head. In the event that you
don’t like any of the initial concepts, we simply go back to the drawing
board and try to give you concepts that will work for you. This does not
count as a revision, it simply means that the first set didn’t tickle
your fancy.

How do I get my final logo?

Once we have tweaked the concepts into one final logo design that you
are completely happy with, we save that final logo in all web and print
applicable formats and email them to you. That means you get them in
formats that your printer can use like PDF, JPG, EPS, etc.

How soon can I get my logo?

Your initial concepts are typically sent out within 7 to 10 business days. Once we send those out to you, it's up to you to take as long or as little as you like to get back with us with the revisions. Overall, the process usually doesn't take more than three weeks.

Now that I have my new logo, what happens if I need it in another format?

Simply send us an email and we will save it in that format.